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**GALLERY** Govapalooza ~ In Bloom // Five Against One // Funky Monks @ The Gov - 6th October 2018

October 8, 2018

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**ALBUM REVIEW** Mayday Parade - Sunnyland

June 21, 2018

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Sometimes it's the smallest, seemingly innocuous things that have the biggest impact.

Waiting for Death Angel to make their way on stage as support to Sepultura last night I happened into a conversation with a young girl and her older companion which, to make a long st...

In what marked the first occasion vocalist Phil Lewis and guitarist/founding member Tracii Guns have been on stage together in Australia, L.A Guns showed the young guns how it was done last night at Brisbane's Woolly Mammoth.
As a venue the Woolly Mammoth is tailor mad...

"For all the nicknames in the band and stage names you actually have to earn the title," laughed Lagerstein's guitarist The Majestic Beast. "I became The Majestic Beast one night when we were partying real hard and it was ten a.m and one of our mates goes 'look at you...

"I'm excited to have other people listen to it and get their opinions," enthused vocalist/guitarist for The Ascended, Mat Wale, ahead of the release of their debut album Awaken Within earlier this month.

"We've had our friends listen to it but we could always use more o...

"The interest is getting greater and greater in Australia so we're very happy," gushed Joey Tempest, founding member, and vocalist for Sweden's Europe.

"We're meeting up in Stockholm tomorrow to rehearse with the crew and the band and we're going to be designing a speci...

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